Marcus Aurelius - How To Stop Worrying (Stoicism)

From the Desk of the CEO:

The Philosophies taught in this video are as much applicable and needed today as they were when written.  Here are a few comments from other Professionals;

“Worrying, born from the uncertainties and problems in life, is a natural human feeling that can trigger panic. Life's problems repeat and uncertainties always exist, but learn the keys to avoid unhealthy levels of worrying. Focus on making the most of the present and don't use energy on the uncontrollable. Create a positive identity and self confidence by practicing kindness as this will lead you to stop worrying about the unknown.” - Celia Orozco Senior Financial Officer, Strategic Legacy Investment Group Inc. & Subsidiaries “If History can teach us anything is that History repeats itself! This is not the first time mankind has had a global health crisis that has crippled the economy. The way we respond determines how we move forward from it and recover. It’s up to us and our leaders educate us and help overcome those fears that feed our sense of despair.” - Melita Kohanteb Secretary & Chief of Staff, Family Financial Strategies, Inc. “How to stop worrying about things that we tend to worry about in our every day, modern lives. History always repeats itself, and it is always good to remember that there is always a solution to everything as history proves, and learning some insights through the autobiographical writings of Marcus Aurelius; better known as Meditations." During his Tenure, the Roman Empire suffered from a severe pandemic; the Antonine Plague that devastated the empire and caused the death of 5,000,000 people. See how this great Emperor of Rome dealt with the situation to get his nation through this time. You will find how you can apply it to your life with your business and family; through this modern day time. This video will give you some motivational insight into the power you have to change your current situation:

· There is no need to panic, remain calm and rational, - you are not alone and everything is just momentary. · Instead of worry, take action, see how to solve problems. · What is happening today will be old and familiar tomorrow. · Ignore the Noise; instead, think of ways to improve your circumstances. · The rewards you achieve through mindfulness to recharge. · The good choices you make today will benefit your future. So now is the best time to become creative, learn something you’ve been wanting to understand better such as Syndicated Investments, Tax Benefits, Real Estate Opportunities, Estate Planning, Wealth Management, Starting a Business…”

- Jennifer Brown

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