15 Assets That Are Making People RICH

This Video from our friends at ALUX is perfect for those of you focused on accumulating wealth!

It begins to describe the true meaning of ASSETS & LIABILITIES.”

Have you ever asked yourself these questions…

- What is an asset?

- What are some examples of assets?

- What assets make you rich?

- What assets do I need to buy to be rich?

- What are income generating assets?

- What kind of assets should I buy?

- How to build wealth through purchasing assets?

- Is my house an asset?

- How many types of assets are there?

- How do people get rich?

- What are some examples of money making assets?

- How to turn a liability into an asset?

- How to tell if something is an asset or a liability?

- How to tell if an asset will make you rich?

- What assets should you invest in?

- What are the most valuable assets to own?

- Why do rich people buy assets?

- How to invest?

- How to make money investing?

-Pedram Abraham Mehrian

CEO & Chief Financial Architect

Family Financial Strategies, Inc.

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