10 Ways To Invest $1,000,000in Today's Economy

f you have a million dollars to invest, we've outlined what we believe would be your best options. You might find a combination of two or three of these investment strategies that would fit your personal financial situation. Remember, it doesn't have to be this or that, it could be a mix. Keep in mind what worked for your parents, or what has worked for you in the past or that famous uncle who left you an inheritance, may not be the optimal investment options for you in this current economic market. When investing, be diligent and flexible. It's just a matter of what YOU believe would make the most sense for you based on your financial situation. Which raises the question: If you had 1 Million Dollars today, "how would you invest it?": 1) Buy Rental Properties 2) Invest in a REIT 3) Bonds, CDs, or Promissory Notes 4) Gold, Silver as Precious Metals 5) Index Funds (E.G. S&P 500) 6) Stock Market 7) Start-ups (Start a business) 8) Angel Investing 9 ) Venture Capital Fund 10) Cryptocurrency

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